Dating, Sex and Sales!

Dating is like sales

Before meeting with a new client, I often hear “this is like a date” from my team. How true… and obvious, actually. Creating a great sales relationship is much like dating. They both begin with uncertainty and require a mutual interest that may result in a leap of trust and, if successful, a closer relationship. So here’s the secret to matchmaking in sales.

  • Getting to know you- On a date, you learn more about the person; hopes, dreams, best behavior and bad habits. In business, you learn the same but call them business goals. Today, we sometimes get to know people online. Sites like e-Harmony,, and Yahoo! Personals are for dating. For business, there are many lead nurturing websites with everything you need to know about a product or company. The Internet allows you to check each other out, assess, and then take the next step.
  • Is there a fit?- When dating, you find out if you’re compatible by discovering common interests and viewpoints. In business, something very similar happens. You spend time making sure the client knows how and why you’re different from your competition by offering them your value proposition. Perhaps this would be a more effective way of finding a compatible date!
  • Timing- Back off –less is more. Don’t ask for ‘The Ring’ right away.
    • Flirt
    • Offer candy
    • Intrigue – lift your skirt only a little
    • Laugh, have fun
  • Dance- Recognize the next step and THE moment for the next step (and the next).
  • Certainty and Comfort- I believe in you. You believe in me. We’re euphoric that everything is working out so well.
  • Seal it with a kiss. Close the sale. Sign the contract.

See? Sales = dating. The difference is only what price is paid, when and by whom. For ideas on how you can start your online matchmaking between buyers and sellers give us a call. We’ll show you how to ease into new client relationships and enjoy good business.

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