What is a Buyer Persona?

Buyer Persona

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Companies that market today by extolling the benefits of their offerings will increasingly be unsuccessful.  Today’s consumer is smart and savvy. They often research online for products and services they intend to purchase and increasingly avoid sales calls, TV ads, advertising, etc.

From Push to Pull

Changing the approach from a push to a pull strategy is the core reason Inbound Marketing is proving to be so successful. Customers today choose the companies they want to buy from after researching and becoming voluntarily involved in the sales cycle, usually via online channels.

Buyer Persona Development

One of the keys to successful Inbound Marketing is the development of a Buyer Persona. This creative and developmental process takes into consideration target market data, needs, motivations, concerns and goals; anything that influences how customers think about you or your product.

These factors and assumptions are honed into the Buyer Persona. It will possess a personality that seems to live and breathe on its own: its essence strategically draws from the key demographics. When done successfully, your best customers will strongly identify and come to trust your Buyer Persona.

How a Persona helps

This Persona aligned with your ideal customer is used to create content, determine keywords and SEO, and address customer pain points. It is used in the creation of marketing resources and materials, and social media activities. It is the secret to attracting customers by meeting them where they are and on their level.

Better Selection, Better ROI

One of the most important attributes of the Buyer Persona is that it allows you to systematically attract clients. Pareto’s Law tells us that 80 percent of your revenue is generated by 20 percent of your customers. This 20 percent of your business produces four times more revenue than the larger 80 percent group. Focusing on this smaller group allows you to craft ways to fill your business with exactly the kind of customer that will increase sales and return on investment (ROI).

As companies implement Inbound Marketing strategies that include detailed Buyer Personas, sales have been known to dramatically increase 2 – 5 times their previous levels. With this success, staying with old-style marketing is no longer an option. Call to begin your Inbound Marketing journey.


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