Top 10 Reasons Authors Should Blog

1. Writing improves with practice.Blog ideas

2. Blogging allows you to hone your rewriting skills with its many editing functions.

3. Blogs attract readers; and the more readers the bigger your audience.

4. Blogs generate important feedback from readers.

5. Blogging connects you with other authors, readers, and book lovers.

6. A blog is a low cost way to market yourself as an author and promote your books.

7. A blog creates a community of readers who are invested in your publication success.

8. Writing blog posts is not enough. You need to read what others are writing too and make those connections to create an audience for your work.

9. A blog creates an electronic persona of you as a professional author and is the equivalent of the old fashioned calling card.

10. Your blog will help your writing get found online by readers, writers, editors, agents and publishers.

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