Naked truth about online hotel reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

A great article and infographic on the nature of online hotel reviews. I find these statistics interesting and feel likely that they are accurate.Traveler review graphic

The most interesting points here are that 81% of travelers find reviews important and 49% of travelers won’t book a hotel without reviews. This means that an important part of any hotels marketing strategy needs to pay attention to the amount and quality of incoming reviews and have a plan in place to keep reviews positive and accurate.

It came as no surprise for me that women were the most likely to leave a review (53% over men at 47%), because women are also most likely to plan the trip and complete the reservations.

What I’d like to see is information on how reviews increase sales. We find that our clients’ sales increase remarkably as their review rankings increase. When managed well, reviews can be a controllable sales factor and I urge hoteliers to put a strategy in place to maximize good reviews and address any negative reviews positively and quickly because, as they say, this is the ‘Naked Truth about hotel reviews’.

Naked truth about online hotel reviews [INFOGRAPHIC] | Tnooz.

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