Cool New Way to Manage Projects in a Hotel

Looking for an easy, effective and forever-FREE way to manage projects in a hotel or resort?trello logo

Introducing! A project management tool that works great for lodging owners, managers and small business owners as well as their employees.

What can you do with Trello?

You can:

Track and manage your maintenance tickets
Use for tracking projects in the office
Assign tasks to employees
Schedule vendors
Sound helpful? That’s just a few quick ideas. Here’s how it works…

Using “boards,” “cards,” and “checklists,” Trello makes organization easy.trello on mobile

“Boards” are how you would break up topics. Under each board, you have Cards. Each card has lists that can be checked off and can both be moved around within your board to show progress.

As a business owner, using Trello, you can assign tasks that need to be completed to your employees along with a due date. The due date will turn yellow when there are 24 hours until your task is to be completed. The task will turn red if you exceed your due date.

You can also watch the progress of the task as it is being completed, by watching the activity log. The activity log can be seen overall or by a specific member. As an employee you may tag other members in your activities for help. The other member will receive a notification via email. The Trello app is available for both Android and Iphone, making it available to you wherever you are. Or available for PCs or Macs, just by logging in a computer’s browser.

Trello also has a color coding feature. Though the colors are limited, you can color code using multiple colors on one task depending on how you are organizing your tasks.

Trello also allows the attachment of files that may be displayed at the “card” level, which is the main screen you see when you open Trello. One may also subscribe to a specific board that you are not assigned to which allows you to see the activity on that board or card.

So keep track of the countless things you do each day and keep everyone organized with!




  1. Mary Jane Sanchez on February 3, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    I love Trello! Great stuff.

  2. SocialEnergizer on February 3, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Thanks MJ! This is my favorite free tool. It really helps keeps track of everything!

  3. Mary Jane Sanchez on February 3, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Easy to share certain board with certain people and other boards with others (puzzle of the day;)

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