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Energizing Hospitality Marketing Services

So you’re wondering, “What makes Lynn think she can make my hotel more efficient, more profitable, and more successful?” Putting it simply, I get it. I’ve experienced the hospitality industry from the owner’s and the guest’s perspective. I understand pressures facing independent lodging owners. I’ve developed a new approach; blending traditional marketing services and modern marketing technology to help independent lodging professionals revolutionize the booking process and create new revenue paths.Lynn at WH&LA tradeshow

Growing up, I practically lived on my grandparents’ resort, learning every facet of owning, maintaining, and running a lodging property. I worked for a regional airline for almost 30 years, doing everything but fly the planes and serve the coffee. And I’ve traveled extensively, for business and pleasure. Through it all, I’ve learned how much goes into making a guest happy, and how much of a guest’s happiness depends on things they never think about…things that hotel and travel providers never stop thinking about.

Since earning my marketing degree, I’ve worked in marketing, graphic design, and brand development learning how to apply proven promotional concepts to the evolving needs of the lodging industry. I’ve also studied and applied a variety of programs and processes designed to help lodging business owners better manage, maintain, and market their business.

Today, my goal is to help hardworking independent lodging owners and managers discover tools to make their job less stressful, their establishment more successful, and their lives more enjoyable.

I look forward to meeting you!

Lynn Rasmussen

Owner of Social Energizer, LLC.

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