The Social Media grade for the Packer Concert for NFL Season Opener

A few weeks ago my contest-loving, contest-winning hubby ‘won’ a contest on for the Green Bay Packer Pre-Game Kickoff Concert for the NFL Season Opening tickets! Yeah! Right?

You KNOW I’m a Packer Fan AND a country music fan. Yes, it was great fun. Saying he ‘won’ them though is a bit of a stretch. As we’re both Facebook fans of Green Bay Packers, Tom found a post that let us enter a contest for VIP Priority seats.

The only stipulation? You needed to be among the first of 3,000 people to sign up. So of course, he entered and immediately won. He could only sign up for up to 3, so he got 2 spots. Hmm, I said, “show me how you did it, I’ll get 2 more”. Simple, right? Then I learned… I simply don’t know how he found it! It took us at least 5 minutes to navigate to the same exact spot on 1iota’s very complicated website. It certainly was not intuitive –maybe it was a test instead of a contest? But we ‘won’ a second set of tickets -under my name, then found another couple to go with. Good to go. Social Media and Facebook, the new way to get free stuff!

As we came closer to this one-time event, you could tell that the promoters were planning it ‘on the fly’. The information that came out from, the Packers, and the media was usually unclear and conflicting. From the contest ticket information, we were told to pick up wristbands at noon, be back about 2-2:30pm, and that we’d leave the staging area to the concert about ‘3-ish’. Didn’t work that way.

We got there at 11:30am and were told that we needed to stay in ‘the pen’ or have someone save ‘our spot’. Here’s a video that shows exactly what that was like and the looong line of 3,000 people. (this footage is out of sequence)

Finally, it was time for wristbands -12:45pm! Yep, 45 minutes later than was posted online. The good news? Water was abundant and free and so were the bathrooms (porta-pottys, but clean). The bad news? Tell you later…

Social media tools are key with concert organization today

Each of our tickets had a ‘QR code’ on them and the staff from 1iota, merely scanned each code and verified each ticket holder. Easy peasy. QR codes are kind of like UPC codes for people. If you haven’t seen a QR code, you will. They are the square black and white boxes that take you to special pages, often promotional, online. This one was for concert check-in. This will offer many like opportunities for small businesses. Implementing this in the right scenario is a reasonably low-cost option.

Video of scanning QR codes here:

Video of wristbands:

Here are some of the videos that I took on Thursday. Word of warning, I’m just trying out my new, lower-end Toshiba hand-held video camera, so please forgive me for some of the juggling. I also learned it’s difficult to hold a camera over your head for 2plus hours.

The concert started with Maroon 5, singing Wake Up Call. Just for fun, go here for the lyrics. It’s funny, but if you compare as we did to the actual video of Network TV, the acts do not line up at all. ‘Live’ TV apparently isn’t so live after all.

Here is Adam Levine, getting the crowd going. One more self-proclaimed Packer Fan!

Kid Rock came on stage with his usual swagger and roar. He earned many new fans in Northeast Wisconsin at this concert.

Between performances the local TV and radio personalities, who mc’d the event, interviewed past NFL football players. Here was the best interview with Ahman Green and Antonio Freeman.

Lady Antebellum, the crowd favorite, came on toward the end of the concert. They were strategically scheduled here to finish up with a ‘live’ spot to launch the NFL football season.

I’d say the whole day was ‘a mixed bag’. Much of what people said on the discussion boards about the priority ‘VIP’ seating is true and I doubt that I’d do it again. That said, THE CONCERT ROCKED! And it will be one of those ‘one-of-a-kind’ events that I’ll always remember.

Finally, what was the bad news I mentioned earlier? When we went into the concert area at 3pm, 1iota, our keepers, offered us bottles of water (yep, no beer within these gates). And… BUT if you needed to use the bathroom, you had to forfeit your ‘place’ within the concert and you could not even get close again -splitting up many groups and families, including ours.

Was it worth it?

THE CONCERT WAS WORTH IT, but next time we’ll forego the 1iota thing. It was very much a bait and switch type of farce. The VIP ‘prize’ ended up being a total of 8 raffled prizes among 3,000 people. That’s it! For the many hours of waiting in a stale, hot, boring line – on a historic, activity-filled day in Lambeau, where there were so many things to see -what a waste in hindsight. If we had stood in the line for the general public even starting at any time after 2pm or so, we would have ended up with a similar or better ‘place’ within a more care-free crowd. Being a Kid Rock groupie, after all, is not as easy as it first seems.

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