Number of Venues Subscription Price per month
1-10 $150
16-20 $250
21-30 $350
31-40 $450
41-50 $550
52-60 $650
61-70 $750
etc. etc.


Setup fees* (waived thru Jul 1, 2024) $100
Optional web site (simple to support the app)

*Setup fees include:
• import of venue names, addresses from provided csv file.
• Setup of custom url on client's main domain or other url provided by client.

Please submit your payment for services by Social Energizer and/or What's Going On Tourism app by selecting the Pay Now button. Do you need your payment on an invoice or another way? Just Contact Us and we'll be happy to work something out!

Note: You will not be required to open a Paypal account and may pay using any major credit card.