Our Internet Marketing Blog provides news on the latest online marketing trends in the hospitality industry and tips on how to achieve the best results when marketing your property online. Every article is NOT strictly about lodging.

Our blog started by focusing on the rising tide of social media. That is why you’ll find that some of our early articles are about the basics of a variety of things from understanding the impact on our lives brought about by the emergence of ‘The Internet’, to building a small business and finally some ‘just for fun’ pieces.

We’re happy to explore and write about any topic. Do you have something that you’d like to hear more about? Just let us know.

Your Website your world

Five Reasons to Create a Strong Lodging Website

1. Online Channel Conversion   2. Reduce Risk of 3rd…
Computer Booking Trip

Who is Winning the Pricing War?

The battle on pricing between hoteliers and OTAs is a touchy…
Job vs. Career Diagram
Future trends

2017 Digital Trends for Hoteliers -Must Read!

The New Year welcomes a clean slate for new goals and aspirations…

2016 Wisconsin Lodging Conference

The 2016 Wisconsin Lodging Conference is right around the corner…

Understanding OTA Logic

For hotel and lodging owners, understanding OTA (online travel…