More Help to Parents – Focus on the Boys

Boys are 4x more likely to have ADHD than girls

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For this Saturday Morning’s Post on Social Energizer, I’m back to the Ted Talks assortment of nourishing online experiences for the mind. Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning focuses on why so many boys are tuning out of school. How modern culture has changed and simply left boys behind. A correction is greatly needed to restore the balance. Girls are moving far ahead of boys in every scholastic area. But that is not the focus of this discussion, girls need help, too. The issue at hand is finding what is needed to help boys realign with society and it’s challenges. Challenges with expectations and rules that have changed since their fathers were raised.

The video, featuring Ali Carr-Chellman, explains why that imbalance has occurred and why fixing it is so important. She lists three things that are causing boys to feel alienated and confused when it comes to social norms, namely: zero tolerance policies, lack of male presence in schools, and a compression of the curriculum.

Once put so simply, it all makes sense. When you look at the early life stories of so many of today’s boys you often hear stories of various problems regarding social interactions and school progress. These scenarios are, in fact, being played out all across America. Probably with a child you know.

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Wilson Footballs go to Super Bowl XLV

Our post a few weeks ago on the Wilson Sporting Goods football factory in Ohio was met with great enthusiasm. Because of that popularity, I couldn’t resist this follow-up for our community. Manufacturing of this year’s Super Bowl XLV footballs is underway at the time of the writing of this article. Click here to see what they look like and pictures of the how they are made. They look magnificent! The only thing missing are the autographs from my favorite Green Bay Packer players.


To view the original full-feature video, see Social Energizer’s Saturday Morning Post from January 15, 2011. US Small Business Scores Big With The NFL


TGIF Friday Freebie The iPhone iPad Touch and more

Hello everyone, I usually don’t post on Fridays, but I came across this cute story and I couldn’t resist. It doesn’t exactly fit into the Social Energizer social media plan, so I decided to make another category – TGIF Friday Freebies. A place for the real light stuff. Everyone needs ‘light’ by Friday.

I’m not able to cite the author on this, so let’s just say it’s from ‘Author Unknown’. It’s probably better that way.

It all began with an iPhone…


March was when my son celebrated his 15th birthday and I got him an iPhone.

Apple iPod

He just loved it. Who wouldn’t?


I celebrated my birthday in July and my wife made me

very happy when she bought me an iPad.

Apple iPad


My daughter’s birthday was in August so I got her an iPod Touch.

Apple iPod Touch


September came by so for my wife’s birthday I bought her an iRon.



It was around then that the fight started . . .


What my wife failed to recognize is that the iRon can be integrated into the home network with the iWash, iCook and iClean. This unfortunately activated the iNag app.


Which led me to the iHospital and iGet out Fr iDay.


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Social Energizer’s purpose is to help companies develop lasting relationships with their customers and increase their conversion rates by adding proven online marketing techniques to their marketing mix.

We do this by integrating inbound marketing techniques into each businesses’ current marketing plan and by utilizing digital channels and strategies like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization, and Web-integrated Email Campaigns.

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Help to Parents -A Social Media Solution

Four Parenting Taboos

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Without a doubt my favorite online nourishment comes from TED Talks. TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. It grows larger and more worthwhile everyday.

For this Saturday Morning’s Post on Social Energizer, I have found a video that I would have loved to have seen years ago, when we were raising our children. I am posting this today to help several of my friends that have small children. They seem to struggle with raising these precious things called children, all without an instructions manual.

If you are a parent with small kids, you will find this priceless. If you have grown children, you will experience an A-Ha! moment. If you do not have kids and/or are thinking of having kids, you’ll want to watch this. It will either solidify what you were already thinking or it might change your mind.

So here is your instructions manual, just click on the link below to view the video. Enjoy!
Lets talk parenting taboos: Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman

Was this useful? I’d love to hear your comments.

US Small Business Scores Big With The NFL

This ‘making footballs’ video shows how a small assembly plant in Ada, Ohio makes Wilson NFL balls, the official football of the NFL. Wilson supplies 100% of all footballs used in the NFL and always has. They offer lifetime employment for about 40-50 dedicated, hard-working people and earn $25 million in annual revenue. You can tell from this video that Wilson is truly dedicated to their American workers and understands the value of having a skilled, high-quality workforce. American workers, American jobs, and American pride: that’s what this video is all about.

Kudos to this American business owner, who enthusiastically acknowledges his American workforce for their many years of contribution and commitment. This mutual respect and loyalty between business owners and employees, is something America needs more of in the fight to bring back jobs. As a proud 20+ year employee of an American small business, I believe this mutual respect is the key ‘magical’ element that created the American Dream.

Today, as the Green Bay Packers play the Atlanta Falcons in one of their most important games, this ‘feel good story’ sets the tone for another Packer win! Sorry for the blogger bias here, Packer fans are a fierce and loyal bunch, too.

20 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade

I came across an interesting article on The Huffington Post today. They note that, “Since 2000, we’ve gained iPods and iPads, Travelocity and Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, BlackBerry smartphones and Android devices, Xboxes and Wiis, among many other new services, sites, and electronics. We’re now poking, tweeting, Googling, and Skyping.”technology

Just as new things become popular and mainstream, some things eventually fade as society and technology changes. Here are 20 things that are now considered obsolete. See the full story for their explanation and to vote for your favorite ‘obsolete’ item.

  • VCRs And VHS Tapes
  • Travel Agents
  • The Separation Between Work Life And Personal Life
  • Forgetting
  • Bookstores
  • Watches
  • Phone Sex Via 1-900 Numbers
  • Maps
  • Calling
  • Classifieds In Newspapers
  • Dial-Up Internet
  • Encyclopedias
  • CDs
  • Landline Phones
  • Film (And Film Cameras)
  • Yellow Pages And Address Books
  • Catalogs
  • Fax Machines
  • Wires
  • Hand-Written Letters

I can think of a few more like: newspapers, phone books and non-computerized car keys that cost less than $5 each. Can you think of a few? Do you agree with the list above? How is social media pushing these changes to happen more quickly?

Salute to Lake Superior State University 2011 List of Banished Words

In 1977, one year after Lake Superior State University Public Relations Director W.T. (Bill) Rabe released the first “banished words list,” he said that the international reaction from news media and the public told him “it would go on forever.”

Forever may be stretching it, but the annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness has been going strong since New Year’s Day 1976 and shows no signs of stopping. People from around the world have nominated hundreds of words and phrases such as “you know,” “user friendly,” “at this point in time,” and “have a nice day,” to be purged from the language.buzzwords

And now, here’s a look at the 2011 list. Get ready for the “wow factor!” It’s full of “epic” “a-ha moments” that are sure to “viral.” It’s a no-“fail” list that you’ll be “facebooking” and “googling” with your “BFFs.” “Just sayin’.”

2011 Banished Buzzwords

Viral- Often used to describe the spreading of items on the Internet i.e. ‘The video went viral.’ It is overused. Jim Cance, Plainwell, Mich.

Epic- More than one nominator says the use of ‘epic’ has become an epic annoyance. Kim U., Des Moines, Iowa.

Fail- One nominator says, “what originally may have been a term for a stockbroker’s default is now abused by today’s youth as virtually any kind of ‘failure.’ Whether it is someone tripping, a car accident, a costumed character scaring the living daylights out a kid, or just a poor choice in fashion, these people drive me crazy thinking that anything that is a mistake is a ‘fail.’

Wow Factor- This buzzword is served up with a heaping of cliché factor and a side order of irritation. Dan Muldoon, Omaha, Neb.

A-Ha Moment- All this means is a point at which you understand something or something becomes clearer. Why can’t you just say that? Audrey Mayo, Killeen, Tex.

Back Story- This should be on the list of words that don’t need to exist because a perfectly good word has been used for years. In this case, the word is ‘history,’ or, for those who must be weaned, ‘story. Jeff Williams, Sherwood, Ariz.

BFF- These chicks call each other BFF (Best Friends Forever) and it lasts about 10 minutes. Clare Rabe Forgach, Ft. Collins, Colo.

Man Up- A stupid phrase when directed at men. Even more stupid when directed at a woman, as in ‘Alexis, you need to man up and join that Pilates class!’ Sherry Edwards, Clarkston, Mich.

Refudiate- Adding this word to the English language simply because a part-time politician lacks a spell checker on her cell phone is an action that needs to be repudiated.” Dale Humphreys, Muskegon, Mich.

Mama Grizzlies- Unless you are referring to a scientific study of Ursus arctos horribilis , this analogy of right-wing female politicians should rest in peace.” Mark Carlson, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

The American People- No one in Washington can pontificate for more than two sentences without using it. Beyond overuse, these people imply that ‘the American people’ want/expect/demand all the same things. They don’t.” Dick Hilker, Loveland, Colo.

I’m just Sayin’- I’m just sayin’…’I’m not sayin”’…Actually, you ARE saying…A watered-down version of what I just said or intended to say….SAY what you are saying. DON’T SAY what you aren’t saying.” Julio Appling, Vancouver, Wash.

Facebook / Google as verbs- Facebook is a great, addicting website. Google is a great search engine. However, their use as verbs causes some deep problems. As bad as they are, the trend can only get worse, i.e. ‘I’m going to Twitter a few people, then Yahoo the movie listings and maybe Amazon a book or two.” Jordan of Waterloo, Ont.

Live Life to the Fullest- It’s an absurdity followed by a redundancy. First, things are full or they’re not; there is no fullest. Second, ‘live life’ is redundant. Finally, the expression is nauseatingly overused. What’s wrong with enjoying life fully or completely? The phrase makes me gag. I’m surprised it hasn’t appeared on the list before. Sylvia Hall, Williamsport, Penn.


For the story and complete banished word list go to:


LSSU accepts nominations for the banished-words list throughout the year. To submit your nomination for the 2012 list, go to

Merry Christmas, What’s Your Social Message?

The Holidays are here! A busy time of year, full of shopping, gifting, celebrating and gathering. It is also a time of reflection. Time to ask yourself. What’s important? Am I doing the right thing? With social media impacting our lives more and more daily, it’s a good idea to dig deep to be sure you’re well grounded. To be sure that your social message is the message you can live by. A social message that you want to live with.

One of the best reads can be found by following the link below. This is a good time of year to take an accounting on your actions, including your online persona. Is it one you’re proud of? Are you doing the right things, both on and offline?

Merry Christmas, everyone. May the New Year bring peace and happiness for all. 




An 85 year-old woman wrote this by the name of Nadine Stair. Some of you may have come across it before.

She writes:

“If I had my life to live over again, I’d dare to make more mistakes the next time.

I’d relax, I’d limber up, I’d be sillier than I had been this time, I’d take fewer things seriously, I’d take more chances and I’d take more trips.

I’d climb more mountains and I’d swim more rivers.

I’d eat more ice cream and eat less beans.

I might have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.

I’m one of those people who lives sensibly and sanely, hour after hour, day after day.

Oh, I’ve had my moments, but if I had to do over again, I’d have more of them. In fact, I’d try to have nothing else, just moments one after the other instead of living so many years ahead of each day.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t go anywhere without a thermometer, hot water bottle, a raincoat and a parachute.  If I had it to do over again, I’d travel lighter than I have.

If I had to live over, I’d start barefoot earlier in the Spring, I’d stay that way later in the Fall.  I’d go to more dances, ride more merry-go-rounds and pick more daisies.”

That’s the way it was said by Nadine Stair.

Don’t wait until you’re 85 years old.

Here’s a few more things to think/ponder about:

Trust people. Trust wasn’t put in your heart to stay, trust is only trust when you give it away.

Forget injuries, but never forget kindness.

Remember that nice guys don’t finish last. Nice guys finish best.

Practice the Golden Rule (and the Golden Rule doesn’t mean that the people that have all the money, make all the rules).

The most effective relationship with any person is an honest relationship.

‘Please’ and Thank you’ are the most powerful tools you have – you don’t have to wear a skirt to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Nobody ever failed by being decent – and you grow taller when you stretch to help the other guy.

Love life and use processes – don’t love processes and use life.

Don’t worry about failing. Failure is the fertilizer for success and success is really failure turned inside out. Even the best hitter in baseball fails seven times out of 10. Thomas Edison failed 12,000 times before he invented the light bulb. You learn more when you lose than when you win.

Don’t quit. You’re not finished when you lose, you’re only finished when you quit – you cannot fail without your consent.

Remember SW, (Sometimes you win, sometimes you won’t, so what!) A winning attitude is far more important than winning – winning is fleeting and fickle – but a winning attitude endures.

When you’ve done your level best, you’re a champion – and you really learn more when you lose than when you win.

Be enthusiastic, persevere, be passionate in task, bounce back and I’ll see you at the top.

Hang on to your dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that can’t fly.

And finally, love what you do and love what you are.

(Edited and reposted – Dec 2014)

Even Santa likes Social Media

It’s got to be good if Santa likes it. The phenomenon of social media continues into a Christmas-decorated living room near you. Social media are now part of celebrating Santa’s annual visit to children near and far.Santa

Mashable has just posted “9 Ways to Connect With Santa on the Web” so kids can get in touch with Old Saint Nick. Services range from Santa emails to tracking his sleigh in the skies as he delivers presents around the globe. It’s just one more instance of how Social Media pervades our private lives and provides businesses with ways of engaging their customers.

In the true spirit of Christmas giving, most of these services are free and can be found at

And what do you give in exchange? Your gift is personal contact information and permission to market to you and your little ones.

YouTube Rewind 2010 – The Top 10 List in Links

Here’s the top watched YouTube video mashup from this year. There is no doubt about the power of video in social media… and it’s fun, too.


Could your video go viral?

Viral videos are what many business people dream of when beginning their Inbound Marketing strategy, sometimes with unrealistic expectations. Ensuring that a video of yours goes viral is impossible, but understanding their makeup, allows you to set it up for the possibility. By their nature, viral videos follow the pattern of a rapid increase of views, a couple of days with a very high number of views, and then a gentle decrease that can generate many daily views for a long period of time. Not surprisingly, the comments on these videos run pretty much the same pattern, engaging people at very high levels.

In case, you missed any of these during the year, pick a link to follow the full version now. My favorite is “This Too Shall Pass OK Go”. I love Rube Goldberg machines even more than the Old Spice guy.

Top 10  (in order, by most watched)

#1: Bed Intruder Song –
#2: Tik Tok Kesha Parody –
#3: Greyson Chance ‘Paparazzi’ –
#4: Annoying Orange Wazzup –
#5: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Old Spice)-
#6: Giant Double Rainbow –
#7: This Too Shall Pass OK Go –
#8: The Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer –
#9: Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan –
#10: Gymkhana Three, Part 2 –

Top 10  (in order, by appearance in the mashup)

• The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Old Spice)-
• Giant Double Rainbow –
• The Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer –
• Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan –
• Gymkhana Three, Part 2 –
• Annoying Orange Wazzup –
• Bed Intruder Song –
• Tik Tok Kesha Parody –
• Greyson Chance ‘Paparazzi’ –
• This Too Shall Pass OK Go –

Do videos fit into your marketing mix? Give me a call to find out if they could.