Free Facebook Beacon – Upsell Your Lodging

Facebook BeaconFacebook is offering free beacons to small business owners that have Facebook Business Pages. It is an extension of services rolled out in January called Place Tips. Originally tested in New York, it is now offered out across the U.S.

Place Tips, sends a signal to a person’s mobile device when they get within a certain proximity. Offers, photos and information are then pushed to people when they are nearby. All the lodging owner needs to do is have the beacon placed conspicuously nearby.

Messages like ‘welcome’ or your ‘chance to upgrade’ could feasibly pop up as they walk in the door. It will be interesting to see what the range of this bluetooth device is. Wouldn’t it be cool, if it could pop up when people are looking for rooms nearby, too? There’s lots of potential here. Just imagine!

Place Tips features information about your business like:

  • Welcome notes and photos
  • Prompts to like your Facebook Page and check in
  • Posts from your Facebook Page
  • Their friends’ recommendations about your placeFacebook Beacon Packaging

Though you can’t advertise through Place Tips yet, that will likely follow soon. Facebook claims to be able to target to specific markets better than anyone else. This product seems to support that effort even more.

The Facebook beacon was designed by Facebook and independently manufactured. Though not expensive to produce and distribute, it is interesting that Facebook chose not to pass those costs along. Watch for Twitter to start with ‘beacon marketing’, too, as they have made an investment in that direction. It’s only a matter of time before everyone jumps on this new trend.

Interested in receiving a free Facebook beacon? Just login to Facebook, go to this Free Facebook Beacon Link and request one. You may request one beacon for each of your physical locations. If you have a restaurant or your property is spread out, you might want to request a few. Who knows how long this free offer will last.

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