Top 3 for Halloween

I love Halloween, it seems to be a holiday many countries celebrate, and overall, can agree on. Here are few of Halloween’s other names -wordwide:
Halloween Cookies 2011

  • Latin America – Day of the Dead
  • Scotland – All-Hallows-Even
  • Phillippines – Todos Los Satos
  • Japan – Obon Festival (aka Matsuri or Urabon)
  • China – Teng Chieh
  • Hong Kong  – Yue Lan (Festival of the Hungry Ghosts)
  • Korea – Chuseok or Hangawi (in August)
  • Nepali – Gai Jatra (aka. Cow Pilgrimage –as cows lead the spirits of the dead into the next land)
  • Sweden – Alla Helgons Dag
  • Even though it may be named something different in many countries, this fall festival is usually linked with the Roman Catholic heritage with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. It is believed that several indigenous cultures as far reaching as the Aztecs to the Pagans have observed similar festivities around the same time each year. Although in most cultures this holiday focuses on honoring the dead and celebrating the cycle of life and death, in much of the United States it has simply become a lighthearted celebration of our ghoulish side.

    Pick One-

    So today, I’d like to share what really scares me. Even scarier than a dressed-up ghoul or worse, a clown, is –wait for it— reality! Check out these 23 Creepy Robots, a collection put together by the Huffington Post. Some of these robots are being used in medical situations and in reality represent a break-through in medical technology. But I don’t think I’ll be alone in saying “these things creep me out!”

    In the same collection, be sure to check out the singing Reindeer ‘Rudi and Judi”. Not creepy, but cute.

    Pick Two-

    Top pick under the Entertainment category is still the Halloween Light Show featuring Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

    Pick Three-

    Time to find a costume. For this one let’s start with the makeup. After you get this on your face, you could wear almost anything to go with it.

    These are my top picks. What are yours?

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