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The Wealth of the Web Runs Deep, A Sequel

The original article, The Wealth of the Web Runs Deep, posted as a Saturday Morning’s Post in March received some of our best response ever. So, as a blogger, what do you do with that information?  You find out what’s hot and repeat it.

Using web analytics, a.k.a. stats, you’re able to find out so many things. For instance, you find what your audience likes or doesn’t, you find what days and times get the most response, and find what your average response is to each blog. Careful web analysis is worthwhile and critical to success.

Enough with the shop talk, Saturdays here at Social Energizer are for fun. With that in mind, a sequel to The Wealth of the Web Runs Deep is in order. Here are five websites that will help build your ‘web wealth’. Today, we have two time-lapse videos by Mindrelic, an interactive sunrise and new cool canoe. I want it.

Mindrelic 1 – Manhatten in motion -time lapse

If the video doesn’t load, click here.

Mindrelic 2 – Summer to Fall

If the video doesn’t load, click here.

Interactive Sunriseinteractive sunrise

This interactive sunrise, allows the viewer to spin it 360 degrees and look up and down. Very cool affects. rom Deviant Art, an artist community. Check out some of their work here.

Get Closer to Nature

You’ve heard of glass-bottom boats. How about a glass-bottom canoe or better yet the whole canoe in glass! This one let’s you really commune with nature. Yes, I do canoe

This has been Social Energizer’s Saturday Morning Post, a less business oriented, more personally related edition than our blog that is offered during the week. Social Energizer’s purpose is to help companies develop lasting relationships with their customers and increase their visibility online.

In addition to building dynamic and affordable websites, we integrate inbound marketing techniques into each business’ current marketing plan and utilize digital channels and strategies like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization, and Web-integrated Email Campaigns.

We invite you to comment and rate each blog, so we can ever improve our offerings to you. Are you venturing into online marketing? Give us a call!

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