Packing List Generator

Vacationing with the Queen of Lists

My husband, Tom, and I start our vacation this weekend. We’ll be exploring the Mississippi River area with my sister and her husband in a 32-foot motor home. Yeah! Fun here we come!

Packing will be tricky. But, as unofficial Queen of Lists, I will take this challenge head on. I have a camping list dating back about ten plus years from when our family camped regularly. Everything but the kitchen sink is in there.

It’s been awhile, but the secret to happy camping is in the planning. So… being married to the Internet, as I am, what do I do next? Of course I check online for more help in making sure I don’t forget anything. And what do I find, but this awesome web tool ‘smart’ packing list, that generates an intelligent list based on what type of travel you’re actually doing! I highly recommend it, but when it goes to print the minimum list is five pages long! So personally, I just save it to a pdf and view it on screen.

Packing List Generator

What this list features is a last minute check on important things like getting the cat to your daughter’s for pet-sitting, unplugging stuff, and getting the garbage out. You wouldn’t want any unhappy surprises when you get back, would you? After that, it goes through the usual list of clothing, hygiene, health, money, and documents that you may need. But then, it goes through everything you may not have thought of like: sleeping, cooking, sports, gadgets, and entertainment items.

The only thing it missed was the gift for my husband, Tom, as we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Hmmm, guess it didn’t know. Happy Anniversary, honey!

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