Keeping it Light with Dark Roasted Blend

Today is Saturday. Let’s have a little light entertainment with our own dark roasted blend. Today’s article comes directly from the awesome website of Dark Roasted Blend. It is the home of “all things weird and wonderful, updated daily” and describes themselves as a highly visual online magazine. I’ll say. One look around and about five mouse clicks later and it’s easy to be addicted. I simply do not know how they have kept this up since 2005.

Here are my 3 top picks from this site:


In honor of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) in Oshkosh, WI may I suggest the category Airplanes. Here you will find many different types of airplanes, plus a look back at the glamorous ‘stewardesses’ of yesterday.

Love Hate reversred in mirrorPacMan cemetary

Coin spiral

Then move on to the Travel category. Oh my, I think I may have driven the “Top Most Dangerous Roads in the World” between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico back in the 80s. If you could pass the driven in front of you stuck their arm out their window. Then when you passed you’d usually find it lead you into a hairpin turn in the other direction! I won’t even go into the crosses along the roadside.

And finally, at right is a brief glimpse of one of their daily blogs entitled “Philosophy 101”. I encourage you to continue onto their site to see the rest and far more.

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