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Technology, 3D Printers and Chocolate

Many of you might have seen the amazing 3D wrench video that has recently circulated in email and social networking sites like Facebook. It is about the “next great technological disruption” and talks about revolutionaries tinkering on machines that “turn digital bits into physical atoms”. Basically, they downloaded plans for a wrench into a 3D Printer and recreated it as a ‘new and improved model’.Monkey Wrench

For this week’s Saturday Morning Post, I decided that even though quite a few people may have seen it, it still fits well for this blog. On Saturdays, I like to have something fun and new that either deals with life and family or cutting-edge technology. …BUT before I posted it, I had a hunch that I better make sure it was ‘legit’, so of course, I checked out my favorite site for Internet hoaxes, I’m happy to report that the 3D printer by Z Corporation is in fact real. The Snopes article about the 3D printer says not only that it’s TRUE, but that it actually first appeared in an article in November of 2010. Adding to the credibility of the story is the fact that the National Geographic Channel produced the video.

It’s really cool. Watch it now!

So, where does chocolate come in?

Chocolates 1photo © 2007 Windell Oskay | more info (via: Wylio That’s why you’re here right? You really want to know why I added chocolate to this story. Wrenches, printers and chocolates? How does that all fit together? That’s the good part. University of Exeter researchers in England have replaced the plastic, like that used in the wrench, and are using chocolate instead. Yum!

Lead scientist Dr. Liang Hao said you “do a 3D shape –layer by layer, printing chocolate instead of ink, like if you were layering 2D paper to form a 3D shape.” He hopes to take this all a step further and promote it through cyberspace. He plans to start with a chocolate-oriented website, include design, digital manufacturing and social networking. Hmmm, sounds like another way that social media has become a mainstream method of bringing new products to market.

a plan for people to design their own chocolates online. Can we start now?

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