5 Online Ideas for a ‘Happy’ Independence Day

Summer is here in Northeast Wisconsin and it looks like it should be a sunny and warm weekend. That’s why I think the Independence Day Holiday is the happiest of all holidays. Endure one of our winters and you’ll understand why. Oh, I know it’s about the celebration of our freedom, honor to those who envisioned this great nation and set up a strategy to build a nation that endures far into the future. A strategy that other countries will try to copy. I know that and truly appreciate it. But more simply, I think this holiday breaks down into happiness.

Here are 5 things online that feature ‘happy’. Enjoy!… and be happy.

  1. The Happy Movie. Can you measure happiness?Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.
  1. A blog on happiness –Happy Thoughts for the Day
  2. The Happy News. Real news. Compelling Stories. Always Positive (I might use this one a lot in the future).
  3. Going through hardship? You’ll find this Ted Talks “Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy?” to be a revelation.
  4. Happy Neuron. Brain Fitness for Life. I like this a ‘brain fitness program’. Stimulate you attention, language, memory, visual spatial and executive function skills. Hmmm, sounds good to me. Happy neurons, happy me.

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