Concert at Lambeau Field Green Bay Wisconsin

Social Media – Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown get it right

Concert at Lambeau Field Green Bay WisconsinI am excited to be attending today’s Lambeau Field concert, their first major concert event -ever. People are actually coming from all over the country for this concert. That is the pull that Kenny Chesney possesses. Add in the Zac Brown Band and you know it will be an unforgettable concert. Then just for fun, add in  other major performers like Billy Currington and Uncle Kracker -FUN. Make it a SIX HOUR concert, with a FOUR HOUR tailgate and you have an event fit for Green Bay, Wisconsin. In Northeast Wisconsin, it will be a great day.

In terms of social media, who gets it right? I’d say musicians in general, then a bit more narrowly, American Country Music, and most of all, Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown Band. What makes them special? It’s more than just their unbelievably awesome music. It’s the strategy, the content and the connections. They are able to ‘package’ their musical talents perfectly. First, they energize a huge amount of people via online and offline channels, then they pull them into their venue aka the concert and keep them for years as enthusiastic fans. Did I mention that people are coming from all over the nation? That’s pull. Yes, they have it right.

No Shoes RadioI’m a huge fan of the Zac Brown Band. After reading this Green Bay Press Gazette article I discovered that besides their great music, why I was pulled in to their whole ‘schtick’. It’s their work ethic! And the same determination every small business person in America displays every day. Up at dawn, many irons in the fire and do it all over until you have success. That’s what will get you there. And they did. Yes, there are good lessons to be learned here.

For Kenny, one example of his company’s social media aptitude is this year’s online creation of No Shoes Radio as critiqued by that damn redhead. As she notes, Kenny does so much ‘right’. From providing the service, to the consistent branding, to the content and finally to the FUN. She says Kenny gets the content right and that that’s the one important thing, but I think it’s more than that. It’s the relationship, that’s what he really gets right. I should know I saw him perform at the Resch Center in Green Bay about ten years ago and I’m still a fan.

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