ColorJack Sphere

Pick A Color With ColorJack

Pick a color, any color. That’s what’s fun about ColorJack.

I have found ColorJack works great for finding color palettes that really pop! When choosing color palettes it’s easy to find just the right jewel tone or pastel combination in the blink of an eye. ColorJack was created for web designers, but the uses extend far beyond. I used it to pick the right combo of flowers in my mailbox planter this year and that’s why I chose it for this week’s Saturday Morning Post.

ColorJack Sphere

The Sphere tool works simply. Select a ‘dot’ in the sphere and move it around by dragging it with your mouse; watch as the color palette on the right changes. There are several settings from neutral to six-tone that a person savvy in color theory will enjoy. I like that you can set it to see only websmart colors, colors that display well on websites, then gives you the CSS color numbers for easy CSS editing. The toughest part is making a decision!

And while you’re visiting ColorJack be sure to check out the color piano! This a fun and addictive little online toy. Play the piano, listen to your notes and watch as the keys ‘drop’ color in short bursts or in long streams when you hold the keys just a little bit longer. This is great fun for a rainy day and kids love it! But I do, too.

Whether it’s for your website, business collateral, house or garden, ColorJack is a great… and fun! tool.

This has been Social Energizer’s Saturday Morning Post, a less business oriented edition than our blog that is offered during the week. Social Energizer’s purpose is to help companies develop lasting relationships with their customers and increase their conversion rates by adding proven online marketing techniques to their marketing mix.

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