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When Wrong is Right

Chinese Character for Picnic Table

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Remember the old saying “I once thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken?” That pretty much sums up the subject of this short 18-minute video from Ted Talks entitled, “On being wrong; by Kathyrn Schultz on”

This TGIF Friday Freebie is a go-along piece with tomorrow’s Saturday Morning’s Post. It’s simply about being wrong. As you go through life, you tend to believe many things are true. Sometimes you believe in them more strongly than others. Could you be wrong?

Kathryn Schulz, wrongologist, makes a compelling case for embracing our fallibility.

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What does this mean for small business owners?

Question your assumptions

Not to the point of decision-making freeze. But, are the things you are doing really leading to achieving your goals? Are you sure you are differentiating what you want to happen from what IS happening? Are you communicating effectively with your colleagues? Are you actively listening to what they are saying? Could you be wrong? What if you are?

Eyes wide open

Realizing how easy it is to be wrong is extremely valuable. It makes you question yourself and your perspective. There are always at least two ways to look at things. Examine the biggest problems your business is facing and look at it from different perspectives. Consciously try doing this to improve your business as a daily exercise. Practice it.

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