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New Fun with Facebook Questions

This past week, Facebook relaunched its Facebook Questions service. I’d say it’s a hit. I just checked my Facebook page and more than 25 of my friends have invited me to take various polls. Dare I say it? It seems a bit viral.Facebook Questions screenshot

Of course, I had to take it for a test drive. With my partnership in Swenson Book Development and a very active interest in books, I polled “How do you like your books?” with options of hardcover, paperback, e-book or audio. In just over 18 hours, I received 23 responses. I’d say that is amazing. So far, hardcover books are winning, which is really not so amazing.

Facebook Questions promises to be a great way for Facebook users to find out what their friends think about products and services. It also promises to be a great place for bloggers and marketers to find out more about their audiences and refine their buyer personas.

Still a little unsure of what it is? Here is a great article from eBrandz, called “Facebook Tweaks its Questions Service”.

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