Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Nothing Is More Social Than The Oscars

It’s Oscar Weekend. Everything on network TV, and buzzing in social media circles, this weekend seems to be a lead up to The Oscars. Of course, I must find the opposing story, I’m just that kind of girl. So, who did not win an Oscar? What movies should have won, but didn’t?

One of my favorite websites, found through social networking, is While I was looking for something interesting to write for this Saturday Morning’s Post, I checked out some of this weekend’s TopTenz’ lists.

First- I found “The Top 10 Great Movies That Didn’t Win an Oscar”. These are all great movies and may include some of your favorites. Ghostbusters or Shawshank Redemption, anyone? There are also a couple movies in this list that I haven’t seen and will add to our winter viewing. The best thing about them? Most can be downloaded online for free or are showing on various cable channels at odd times of day, making a great target for the DVR.Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Second-The Top 10 Actress Who Didn’t Win The Oscar” was fascinating. Who knew that Judy Garland never won an Academy Award for her work in “The Wizard of Oz”? And Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction) or Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman)? Here again, more fodder for free movie ideas.

Three- Will you be attending a local Oscar party? Or maybe, you’d like to have some scintillating conversation ideas for work next week? Then check out, “The Top 10 Oscar Curiosities and Records”. Did you know that Oscar winners must sign a ‘winner’s agreement’ in which they commit to never sell the award without first offering it back to AMPAS for a fee of $1? Or did you know that Tatum O’Neal was the youngest person to win an Oscar in Paper Moon? Jennifer Tandy, the oldest, in Driving Miss Daisy?

There are even more interesting lists, like “Top 10 Car Deaths in the Movies.” All this points to one BIG thing though, when it comes to all things ‘social’, nothing is more social than The Oscars. In fact, the only list I wasn’t really interested in had nothing to do with the Oscars. It was, “Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Snow”, I’m simply not fascinated in any shape, form or fashion with that anymore this season. How about you?

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