Couponland, here I come!

I’m heading down to Chicago tomorrow for a quick lunch with my daughter and a side trip to IKEA (I HAVE to visit IKEA whenever I get near one and I’m not necessarily the world’s biggest shopper). Winter Shopping Therapy, here I come. It promises something special.Magiano's coupon

What I just heard though is that Chicago is quickly becoming known as Couponland. Brandchannel just recently featured a story on how the Windy City hosts 43 daily-deal groupbuying site headquarters. Two of the oldest are FatWallet and MrRebates and two of the largest, Groupon and Who knew?

It all starts, according to Brandchannel, because of our Midwestern values and frugality. Okay, I’ll buy that, too. But 43, separate sites? I’ll report back and let you know what I find. Coupon anyone?

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