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Boys are 4x more likely to have ADHD than girls

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For this Saturday Morning’s Post on Social Energizer, I’m back to the Ted Talks assortment of nourishing online experiences for the mind. Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning focuses on why so many boys are tuning out of school. How modern culture has changed and simply left boys behind. A correction is greatly needed to restore the balance. Girls are moving far ahead of boys in every scholastic area. But that is not the focus of this discussion, girls need help, too. The issue at hand is finding what is needed to help boys realign with society and it’s challenges. Challenges with expectations and rules that have changed since their fathers were raised.

The video, featuring Ali Carr-Chellman, explains why that imbalance has occurred and why fixing it is so important. She lists three things that are causing boys to feel alienated and confused when it comes to social norms, namely: zero tolerance policies, lack of male presence in schools, and a compression of the curriculum.

Once put so simply, it all makes sense. When you look at the early life stories of so many of today’s boys you often hear stories of various problems regarding social interactions and school progress. These scenarios are, in fact, being played out all across America. Probably with a child you know.

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