US Small Business Scores Big With The NFL

This ‘making footballs’ video shows how a small assembly plant in Ada, Ohio makes Wilson NFL balls, the official football of the NFL. Wilson supplies 100% of all footballs used in the NFL and always has. They offer lifetime employment for about 40-50 dedicated, hard-working people and earn $25 million in annual revenue. You can tell from this video that Wilson is truly dedicated to their American workers and understands the value of having a skilled, high-quality workforce. American workers, American jobs, and American pride: that’s what this video is all about.

Kudos to this American business owner, who enthusiastically acknowledges his American workforce for their many years of contribution and commitment. This mutual respect and loyalty between business owners and employees, is something America needs more of in the fight to bring back jobs. As a proud 20+ year employee of an American small business, I believe this mutual respect is the key ‘magical’ element that created the American Dream.

Today, as the Green Bay Packers play the Atlanta Falcons in one of their most important games, this ‘feel good story’ sets the tone for another Packer win! Sorry for the blogger bias here, Packer fans are a fierce and loyal bunch, too.

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